Answers to some this Q: What makes your service or product valuable.

I am so glad you asked.This is how I answered the query.

​I am a wordsmith, poet, spoken word artist, and singer/song writer. I create and add value to the arts in the city. I convey a message of love, piece and hope. I put into words what others feel in their hearts. I teach about the African Diaspora experience. I am clear about my vision as an artist and I enable people to experience the humanities through my visions of artfulness. It is my aim to bring stories about me personal experiences and the greater community out of obscurity. Some of my work focuses on the issues of injustice in our society, some of my work presents historical art work of others that have contribute immensely to our Diaspora experience, but little is known or discussed about their artistic contributions; such as blacks who were Hitlers victims and survived Nazi concentration camps. I am here to raise awareness and of my culture; use my voice so that the masses are knowledgable and can seek peace for the greater good.

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