This is my poetry blog. I am a recent graduate of the California Literature Initive in Los Angeles.  I love to write poetry about life, love, courage, African American history and social justice. I listen intently to my cohorts in CLI as they creatively “spit their fire.” go ahead and take a look. My email is


3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m the raging fire that shuts up bones..
    I’m the raging storm with no end in sight
    Im the sparking tyrant…That is smashing bones to dust ..
    So help me for being me
    The cavernous hovering downfall of society…
    An amalgamation of all things wrong with this society…
    The girl who would rather break bones the way others break hearts …
    The one that would rage blazes because she’s anarchy
    So Help me for being me…
    The one who is not bound by indignity…
    The one who’s forged by her own destiny
    The one who’s trials had made her who she’s bound to be…
    The one who’s not bound by anyone else INDIGNITY


    1. How marvelous, I am just not getting to read this poem. I like it a lot It helped me identify my anger. It shows the path to passionate. The rhythm is great and imagery is dynamic. Keep writing. I could not help but thinking that is is so appropriate for a pandemic. Ashay


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