Good Morning America

Good Morning America
(in my Bernie MC voice, I surely do miss him)

America we are head for the brink of disaster if we don’t get our priorities in order.

Humanity is the only thing that will keep us growing, thriving and surviving.

That thing that we all are looking for is love.

Its the thing that comes for above.

Above the madness the clouds are nothing existent

Good Morning America, rise to the occasion of forgiveness

Admit your mistakes and you will grow in grace.

Our children deserve a chance to run in a race free of hatred, bigoted scenery

Good morning America, when to bombs bust in the air, no-one will care.

“What set you from, your klan, creed or the color of your skin.”

There are not lethal weapons that just take out the poor and leave the rich behind

Wake up America from the sleep on mediocracy and advance in the dance of discovering other space and times.

Good morning my sweet land of freedom rining from the majestic hill tops of Georgia

Good morning America from the shores of the Pacific beaches that are nestled in the Arcadia of the oranges groves past

Good Morning America (to Be continues)

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