I wrote this elegy after losing one of my closes friends. We were college students together and both singers. Her name was Christy Douglas her persona was fascination and her talent was mesmerizing. She passed away suddenly before accomplishing her goals of becoming a superstar. She was a star in my eyes and I treasured her friendship tremendously. I never shared this poem with anyone until today. 2/25/2018

By Dawnna Mathieu (Ashay)

If I were a memory
I would wrap you in a blanket of love

No moment is any fonder
Then when I ponder

Time spent remembering your smile
Miles of laughter and good times
are scented with the reflections of you

This, I will never forget

Nor Regret-creating images as spontaneous as our friendship
Silent reflections as a whispered prayer

My favorite past-time
With love supreme and joy divine
Reflections are all mine

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