So What, We Kneel at the game of life. . .

These verses are excerpts from my poem as a tribute to Miles Davis and John Coltrane.

Come let, those with their bitter attitudes, loose their way, so what
We kneel for a brand-new day. . .Peaceful protest
M L King would approve, feel that syncopated groove, so what

We are onto a better tomorrow, doing greater than our mothers or fathers
David killed Goliath, Cane slew Able and Malcom’s chicken are coming home to roost, so what
Life’s lessons will return again, if you don’t learn them now, So what

Miles and Coltrane, sounded the alarm, edifying the black nation
So what, they don’t like it, our black a-s are no longer chattel, so what
To God, to us we built this country, so what, your denial does not matter. . ..

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